Wednesday, February 06, 2002

David Gallagher, proprietor of the picture-blog, was in Italy for three months on business, just returning home recently. In his first major update since getting back, he addresses the sad aftermath of neglect from last year's flag mania. If you've got time, give it a look. If you don't, here's the best line:
The message a beat-up flag sends is, "Last year I really loved my country, but lately I've been losing interest in the relationship, and we've drifted apart."

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Wow, it's been a week since I logged in here. This may be my longest gap between blog entries, and I'm none too proud of it.

I have to claim illness. I've had the nastiest little head cold for nearly a week now, and it's really played havoc with my ability to think or focus for any period of time. Not only has the ol' House here been neglected, but I'm way behind on e-mail, too. So if you've written me in the last week or so, please accept my apologies and keep an eye on your inbox; I'll be replying shortly.

A couple quick updates of stories from last week:

Despite my addled state, I was able to drag my sorry ass to Into the Woods auditions. Over 120 people showed up over the two days, so getting a spot in this show is going to be a struggle. As soon as I know something for sure, I'll be crowing about it here.

My shameless groveling paid off! Just hours after metaphorically falling to my knees in supplication before the lovely and talented Jen, she wrote me with confirmation that I had indeed earned a place on her PDA's Quicklist. Jen and I enjoyed a tasty Mexican lunch yesterday in celebration of this event.

It's virutally impossible for me to say it now and have anyone believe me, but I actually picked the Patriots to defeat the Rams in the Super Bowl. If only I'd had the foresight to place a little wager on the game, I might have been able to line my coffers and give myself a few more weeks to find a job. Ah well.
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