Monday, August 08, 2005

I've got a new snack food addiction. It's Snyder's of Hanover Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces. Since I first noticed them at Safeway last month, I've been going through a minimum of two bags a week. I cannot get enough of these things.

I'm pretty sure I know why. Not only are they tasty in their own right, but they partially fill a big gap in my current meal rotation. My favorite wing place closed on me about a year ago, and I've not yet found a new one that I like.

You wouldn't think good buffalo wings would be particularly tough to track down. They're incredibly easy to make. Cook the wings, toss them with the sauce, and you're done. But I can't find a place that does them to my liking.

I could make them myself at home, I suppose. The thing is, I truly believe the only proper way to make buffalo wings is deep frying. The other main method, baking, just doesn't give them the same taste.

I don't own a deep fryer and I don't want to buy one. If I do, I fear I'll start deep frying everything.

Sure, I'd start innocently enough. A little fried chicken here, a batch of french fries there. But before too long I know I'd be moving on to the hard stuff. Pickles. Pizza. Snickers bars. Twinkies. Blood pudding.

That way lies doom.
Posted @ 1:29 PM


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