Saturday, December 20, 2003

This one's been making the rounds for a while now, but as I've not seen anyone in my circle of blogging friends put it up, I'm going run with it.

Folks in my age group (and you know who you are) can now relive another piece of their childhood in convenient online form at the Speak & Spell interactive site.

Go ahead, spell out something naughty! Your mom won't find out this time (though Santa might).

Gina, I feel your pain. Even after a relatively successful shopping trip yesterday, I remain woefully behind on both my Christmas shopping and shipping. If the coffee ever kicks in, I'm hoping to wrap things up (pun intended, pathetically) today.

Three days of trading have passed since I revealed I called the Dow-over-10,000 thing six months ago and the DJIA continues to rise. With just seven work days left in the year, I'm feeling pretty confident it'll remain there into early 2004

Speaking of work days, I've been off on my Christmas break since 5:30 Wednesday night. My employer graciously gives us the entire week around the 25th off. Add to that the compressed days off I get biweekly and a couple vacation days I had to burn, and I'll only see the inside of my office two more times before 2004.

Sorta destroys all that sympathy I was getting for being behind on the gift buying, huh?
Posted @ 9:58 AM


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