Thursday, July 17, 2003

I dashed off a little thing about the Emmy nominations this morning, intending to post it to here. When I finished I looked at it and said, "Hmmm... this just might be good enough to be a TeeVee Station Break!" So, on a whim, I submitted it.

I was guardedly optimistic about my chances of being published. The piece felt very solid to me, but would it meet the standards of the TeeVee humor-meisters? These guys, after all, were part of my inspiration for starting the HoC in the first place. To be included among their ranks, even in some small way, would be cool beyond the telling of it.

My cover letter was, I thought, appropriately submissive:
Dear brilliant TeeVee folks,

I just banged out the following Station Break-sized piece regarding today's Emmy nominations. I humbly submit it for inclusion on your site. I patiently await your glorious approval or scornful derision.

Really, I'll be glad to get either. I'm incredibly starved for attention here.

Jack Scheer
I figured if I was really lucky, I'd hear something back in a few days, either that the piece had been accepted in a somewhat edited form, or that I'd wasted my time and they were using my submission to line their cat carrier.

Imagine my elation when TeeVee's own Jason Snell sent me the following response less than an hour later:
Approval, glorious glorious approval!

Thanks, Jack. Good stuff. And you know we have a soft spot in our hearts for Tony Danza, the wise man who once said, "They can't all be gems, folks."

If you go to the TeeVee main page anytime in the next week or so, my little blurb should be right there on the left sidebar, posted verbatim as I wrote it. Once it scrolls off the front, you can look at it in all its archived glory.

I'm gonna be cruising on the afterglow from this for days.

On a side TV note, of all the shows I watch on a regular basis, the one I'm having serious withdrawal pangs over is The West Wing. Not only did the show end the season with a cliffhanger, NBC hasn't even shown a rerun in many weeks, opting instead to air more reality fare. I'm seriously jonesin' for a West Wing fix right now.

Thank [insert your favored deity here] Bravo begins rerunning the first season in August.
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