Monday, June 09, 2003

Twenty years after their classically saucer-shaped spacecraft first hovered over the major cities of our world (predating similar scenes in Independence Day by thirteen years), the malicious and flesh-craving aliens of V are returning to NBC. Series creator Kenneth Johnson is back to tell the tale of what's happened with the Nazi-like Visitors, and the human resistance to their tyrannical rule, over the last two decades.

I loved V when it premiered. It was 1983 and my family had literally just moved from the Chicago suburbs to Fairfax, VA. I distinctly remember being on the Mall in DC for the first time, looking up at the Washington Monument and thinking, "Wow, those big spaceships from V will be right there tomorrow night!"

Despite all my youthful enthusiasm for the show, I'm not all that excited at the prospect of another installment. When all is said and done, V was ultimately a pretty big cheesefest, enjoyable enough for the time but hardly a landmark of either television or science fiction. When the thing finally airs, chances are I'll simply skip this latest chapter in the story.

Unless, of course, the special effects are totally kick-ass, in which case I'm there!
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