Saturday, February 01, 2003

In online conversation yesterday, a good friend of mine (Hi Jennie!) labeled me enigmatic. Only once before in my life have I been taken so off-guard by a characterization. Not that I was offended in the least. It's simply that "enigmatic" is perhaps the last word I would use to describe myself. I've always thought that I was extremely scrutable.

When pressed for an explanation, Jennie cited my tendency to make cryptic announcements along the lines of "Big news on this front, I'll tell you all about it shortly." I'm especially prone to doing this here on the HoC.

I was forced to admit she had something there. But what Jennie and others, who have subsequently backed her up on this, see as enigmatic, I chalk up to writer's block (not wanting to say Something Important until I can get the phrasing just right) coupled with attempts at showmanship. The fact that I fail to actually make the promised announcement more than half the time I blame on laziness.

With this new-found insight, I considered swearing off the tactic. It's superficially clever, it's hackneyed, it's too cute by half.

But then again, who am I to disappoint my public? That said...

Big news on this front, I'll tell you all about it shortly.
Posted @ 9:54 AM


Am we talking to myselves?

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