Thursday, February 13, 2003

I just did a quick morning scan of my usual sites, seeing what's up in the real and online worlds. It suddenly hit me that there's a semi-truck load of stuff whizzing by me at the moment. Normally, I feel pretty plugged in. Just now, I'm way out of the loop.

There are two main reasons. The first is the subject of the announcement I hinted at a few days back (see, I do come through with these things every now and again). After months of uncertainty and weeks of looking, I've finally found an apartment, into which I'll be moving tomorrow.

It's my first place entirely on my own. In my nearly thirty-three years I've never lived alone. I've always shared my living space, be it with parents and siblings, roommates (both friends and strangers), a wife or a girlfriend. Needless to say, I'm excited and anxious about what this new experience, this most basic experience, will bring me.

The other attention-sapping thing in my life is the new show I'm in. A couple of weeks back I got the lead in The Music Man at the McLean Theatre Alliance. Usually at this point in the process, ten weeks out from opening night, rehearsals would be light and sporadic. However, we've already begun them in earnest on this one, which I'm for all the way. The more rehearsal I get, the better I feel.

What this all means is, at least for the immediate future, I'm not going to be as informed about general goings-on as I normally like to be.

And what a time not to be up to speed! We've determined the age of the universe (as well as how and when it will die), the US is days away from war with Iraq, the government is imploring citizens to take up makeshift bomb shelter construction as a hobby, yesterday was Darwin Day (when did that one spring up?) and Wil Wheaton is having a crisis of confidence (hang in there, Wil!)

Once I've finished this move and settled into the new place, I think I'll be able to regain my grip on the world situation. Until then, I'll just have to let events take care of themselves for a few days without my attention, catching up when (and I've never been able to say this so literally before) my house is in order.
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