Saturday, November 02, 2002

Well, it's day two of my NaNoWriMo odyssey, and I'm stuck at 883 words. When I got home from the bar my roomie encouraged me to join him at on Halloween, it was after midnight and I figured I'd start. In about twenty minutes I blazed through over 800 words, then hit the sack content in the knowledge that this writing in bulk stuff was going to be a snap.

I haven't written a lick since. After my first week back at work and a Friday performance, I thought I'd fall asleep almost instantly last night. No such luck. But did I spend the time writing? No, just watching Letterman and Kilborn.

As is my usual pattern lately, I couldn't sleep past 8:30 this morning. Again, I figured I'd get some writing in, finish the second half of Friday's quota and hammer out today's minimum 1667 at least, all in about two or three hours.

I've been up for almost two hours now, and I haven't been able to tap out a single word. Part of the problem is my first cup of coffee hasn't kicked in yet. Part of it is some "just noisy enough to bother me" but "not noisy enough to complain about" neighbors. So I'm giving myself a pass for right now. I'll burn off a show or two from my TiVo cache, let the neighbors finish their morning concert, then get back to it.

When I do sit back down, I'll do so with the inspiration of the following rare image - me doing actual physical labor, at the Fiorello move-in party:

Me and Gene Grunby; photo by Randy Barth
Posted @ 10:20 AM


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