Tuesday, November 27, 2001

I read the first Harry Potter book a couple of years back. It didn't grab me at all until the last few chapters, but it was an enjoyable enough read.

I've got many friends whose tastes often overlap with mine who love the series. Based on those opinions, l may give the other books a whirl at some point, and chances are I'll take the movie in before it leaves theaters.

Not that Potter author J. K. Rowling needs any of my cash: she's on track to become the first billionaire author in history. Not bad for a 36-year-old single mom who was on the public dole not so long ago.

Football was looking pretty bleak this season for a guy like me living just inside the Beltway. Not that the last few years have been stellar for the boys in burgundy and gold, but watching your team drop the first five games tends to let the wind out of one's fannish sails.

Then, somehow, Washington pulled off an emergency Bat-turn. Suddenly, they're 5-5.

This is one hell of a roll to be on. If they can keep the momentum going, the only team on the horizon they really have to worry about is the Bears. Can you say 10-6?

No, neither can I. But at least I can dream while I look forward to next year.
Posted @ 1:31 AM


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