Monday, September 17, 2001

While I have not been able, yet, to write much about the horrific, tragic events of last week, others have, so you might want to read their thoughts while my own slowly coalesce.

I'm seeing planes outside my window again. I watching one slowly descend toward Dulles as I type this. This sight is filling me with exactly the kind of hope I expected it would.

I seem to be in the distinct minority on this, though. I've heard most others express feelings ranging from mild trepidation to outright fear on seeing airliners back up in the sky. I understand this: our system failed to protect us four times last week, so it's reasonable to worry that it could happen again at any moment.

However, with the massive security upgrades that have been implemented since Tuesday, air travel is probably safer in this country than it ever has been. I know that won't alleviate the fear for everybody, but it does wonders for me.

More importantly, getting the planes flying again is the most effective signal to those who carried out these crimes against humanity that civilized people will not be long daunted or baffled by their acts. has an enlightening article on what Islam really has to say about suicide bombers. As many people as possible should read this to help dispel the myths and misinformation swirling about Muslims. It underlines the fundamental truth that terror is not the weapon of any religion, but rather is used by those who would pervert faith to achieve hellish goals.

The professionals have the grueling tasks that must be taken care of in New York City well in hand. Food, clothing and other necessary items have been donated in abundance to assist them in their efforts. Yet we all still want to help. How do we do that?

Well, to paraphrase what Bill Cosby used to say, since you can't send yourself, send money.

The world stands with the United States.
Posted @ 2:21 PM


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