Monday, September 17, 2001

Brought to us by MetaGrrrl, a man named Vikram Singh has written an extraordinary essay regarding the coming US response to last Tuesday's terrorist attacks. It encapsulates many of my own thoughts and feelings, ones I've been struggling to find the words for:
As the United States chooses a path after Tuesday's tragic loss, may the leaders find the wisdom to seek out justice, not vengeance, and to take any retaliatory action with care. May Americans remember to keep one hand ready for positive action if the other is striking destruction. May we confront enemies with strength and with kindness and avoid today's global patterns in which one wrong makes a wrong makes a wrong makes a wrong...

Yesterday on Meet the Press, Dick Cheney urged consumers to "not let whatís happened here in any way throw off their normal level of economic activity." Being one of those rare heterosexual men who enjoys and gets a fair amount of stress relief from shopping, I was eager to heed this call and do my part to help keep the economy afloat. I rushed right out to burn some expendable income. After too long (weeks in the first case, months in the second), I finally broke down and bought more sheets and new pillows for my bed.

Naturally, the sheets are purple.
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