Friday, August 24, 2001

Continuing with this week's theme, "Blogging in the Face of Adversity..."

Rehearsals and sleep deprivation haven't been the only things keeping me out of the House, as it were. I've also been struggling with what I call "pre-migraines." These lovely little occurrences consist of blurred, distorted vision, budding pain behind or around my eyes and general befuddlement.

If left without treatment, after half an hour or so these things turn into full-blown migraines which can lay me completely out for the better part of a day. Luckily, a few hundred milligrams of ibuprofen taken during that thirty minute window keep the damn things in check.

Usually, I get three or four of these fun-filled sessions a year. In the last two weeks, I've had seven. They're sometimes brought on by big weather systems, so I'm hoping this is merely a case of my internal barometer being extra-sensative right now. If this hypothesis is correct, the storms that've rolled through the DC area lately are the main culprits. If not, well, then it's time to call the ol' doc and see about getting something stronger than AdvilŪ.

In the meantime, I'm open to trying any herbal, alternative or folk remedies that might be out there, such as my dad's suggestion to slam some B complex down my gullet. Feel free to pass on any ideas you might have. As long as they don't involve a live chicken, I'm good.
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