Tuesday, August 21, 2001

As I thought they might, rehearsals for the show are taking their toll on my Internet time. Last night we had to be off-book, and tonight is our off-music deadline.

While this means blogging has had to take a back seat this week, I do have something new to share. Brought to you by my extremely crude artistic abilities and a little photomanipulation software magic, here is the House of Cheer mascot!

He's just on top of the front page at this point, but I hope to add him to the rest of the site shortly.

I've had some thoughts about what to call this little guy, but I'm not really pleased with any of them. Since I'm stuck on this, I'm turning to you for help, my loyal readers.

Yes, all four of you.

Take a good look at this happy little abode, ruminate on it, then come up with a name that fits. I'll accept entries for a couple of weeks, then announce the winner. The person who provides the victorious appellation will receive credit in the Acknowledgements section and my sincere gratitude.
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