Tuesday, July 17, 2001

A lot of my friends are addicted to games, be they board, computer, video or role-playing. They tend to be pretty cutting edge about these diversions. I've lost count of how many PS2s have been purchased by my buddies in recent months, and I'm always hearing about the greatness of the latest world-building, "I'm the god" computer program.

So, with all these good folks feeding me info on what's hot in the gaming world, what's been sucking up my free time in the last few months (and consequently slowing the debut of this site)? Computer Scrabble©.

While I think this game's hold on me is waning, I just spent nearly an hour trying to empty my rack and get the fifty point bonus. These were my letters: E, N ,O ,P ,I ,T and a blank. "Pimento," "topline" and "protein" wouldn't fit anywhere on the board, no matter how hard I looked. Finally, I stumbled on "pointes," the plural for the excruciating-looking ballet position.

If you can think of anything more obvious that I missed, feel free to pass it along. I can always use a healthy dose of humility. Just keep in mind: only words ending in "S" or "I" would have worked.
Posted @ 2:03 AM


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