Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween, everybody! May it be a night filled with all the spookiness and frights you desire. And make it a safe one.

I was all set to choose the drunk Clark Kent costume for the Halloween party I attended Sunday, but when I went to search for my Superman shirt I remembered that I had gotten rid of it a few months back. It was about ten years old, and even I can only wear holey t-shirts for so long.

So I ended up going as Robin Hood. What can I say? I love that hat.

Also, let me wish everyone a great kick-off to Eating Season tonight. Eating Season, for those of you not in the know, is what I like to call the wonderful time between Halloween and New Year's Day when we all take our diets a little less seriously and say things like, "Yes, I would like another glass of eggnog/slice of pie/plate of cookies, thank you."

In fact, I noticed nog in the dairy section last night as I was shopping for dinner. Maybe I'll swing by Safeway and grab a carton to enjoy this evening.
Posted @ 5:41 PM

Friday, October 27, 2006

I was getting lunch yesterday across the street at the noodle place I frequent, and a guy standing at the counter in front of me was slipping his right foot in and out of his shoe. A docksider, I believe.

I don't mind when a woman slips her foot out of her shoe in public, but when a man does that it creeps me out. Seriously, I almost lost my appetite.

I love fantasy football. I'm also a political junkie. Finally, someone has created a game that will let me enjoy these two great tastes that (hopefully) taste great together.

That's right, boys and girls, it's time for Fantasy Congress!

From the website:

Like other sports, Fantasy Congress requires three things: a team, a system of scoring points, and a framework within which players can score. In this game, your team is a group of U.S. National Congress legislators, the legislators score points by pushing bills through the steps to create a law, and the framework within which they play is Congress itself.
Who wants to be in my league?
Posted @ 6:54 PM

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A friend of mine on LiveJournal hipped me to the fact that I was forgetting today's a holiday. And what better way to celebrate a good holiday than with a rousing speech...

Happy Saint Crispin's Day, everybody!
Posted @ 6:19 PM

Less than a week until Halloween, and I have not procured all the elements of my proposed costume. I'm not gonna say what it is, because I want it to be a surprise at the party I'll be attending Sunday. Plus, if I'm not able to pull this particular costume idea off in time (an increasingly distinct possibility), I want to save it for next year.

Thankfully, I've got plenty of back-up costumes I can go with if time runs out on my primary idea. Being a theater guy and a sci-fi/fantasy/comic book geek, I've got several costume possibilities hanging in my closet. Off the top of my head, I've got:

  • Robin Hood

  • drunk Clark Kent

  • monk/Friar Tuck

  • 1970s Century 21 real estate agent

  • Wash from Firefly/Serenity

  • Mal from Firefly/Serenity

  • Green Lantern

  • one of Santa's elves

  • storybook prince

  • space alien pimp

Even better, probably a third of the ideas listed above are things I've never actually used as costumes before. Yes, I have everything necessary to look like a pimp from Proxima Centauri or a Realtor from the Me decade just hanging around because I bought them on spec, many years ago in some cases.

I'd tell you I'm ashamed of this fact, but I'd be lying.
Posted @ 1:13 PM

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I've alluded to the fact that this is a busy, busy time for me, and that's very true. Nothing I can't handle, but pretty much all aspects of my life require a lot of time and attention right now.

That said, I know I've got it easy. I've got many friends and family members dealing with things that are much more difficult and serious.

I just wanted to take quick moment and send out energy and love to those folks. If you're one of the folks I'm talking about, know that you're on mind all the time. And if you're not, spare a thought of prayer for these good folks if you could.
Posted @ 12:46 PM

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh look, Jack's back!

Another unannounced, unexpected, unexplained hiatus seems to have hit the HoC. Over a month this time, which even for me is a long drought.

Chalk this one up to overbooking. My hours are just packed right now, both at work and at home. What's weird is I was trying for a quiet, uneventful autumn: I'm not in a show and my only non-work commitment is Tuesday night rehearsals for a Christmas concert. In theory, I should have time to burn. But every day I find myself busy.

Regardless, the itch to post is overcoming both schedule issues and inertia. No idea on what kind of frequency we'll be seeing here, but y'all will know I'm alive, at the very least.

I've got some pimpage to do, but that'll have to wait for later. The grindstone calls...
Posted @ 1:11 PM


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